College & School contacts

Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of

Contact: Dr. Evelyn Cooper, 301.405.0117,



Architecture, Planning and Preservation, School of

Contact: Michael Brick, 301.405.6291,



Arts and Humanities, College of


American Studies, Department of

Contact: Tammi Archer, 301.405.1354,


Art, Department of

Contact: Kathie Boyle, 301.405.7790,


Art History, Department of

Contact: Anna Waller, 301.405.1480,


Communication, Department of

Contact: Carlin Bokal, 301.405.6519,


Classics, Department of

Contact: Patricia Rhodes-Kelly, 301.405.2014,


English and Comparative Literature, Departments of

Contact: Karen Lewis, 301.405.3825,


Film Studies, Department of

Contact: Josiland Chambers, 301.405.6021,


History, Department of

Contact: Jodi Hall, 301.405.4268,


Jewish Studies, Department of

Contact: Debra Kirsch, 301.405.4975,


Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, School of

Contact: Josiland Chambers, 301.405.6021, and Adrianna Atkinson, 301-405-4023,


Linguistics, Department of

Contact: Denise Best, 301.405.7002,


Music, School of

Contact: Craig Arnold, 301.405.5563,


Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, School of

Contact: Cate O’Brien Barger, 301.405.3196,


Philosophy, Department of

Contact: Louise Gilman, 301.405.5689,


Women’s Studies, Department of

Contact: Cliffornia Royals Pryor, 301.405.6877,



Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of

Contact: Michelle Slone, 301.405.8746,

African American Studies, Department of

Contact: Marci Deloatch, 301.405.1167,


Anthropology, Department of

Contact: Erik Hanson, 301.405.1436,


Criminology and Criminal Justice, Department of

Contact: Nicole Jackson, 301. 405.4729,


Economics, Department of

Contact: Shanna Edinger May, 301.405.7845,


Hearing and Speech Sciences, Department of

Contact: Lisa Rickard, 301.405.4223,


Geographical Sciences, Department of

Contact: Amanda Hall, 301.405.4073,


Government and Politics, Department of

Contact: Karmin Cortes, 301.405.4142,


Joint Program in Survey Methodology

Contact: Jody Williams, 301.314.7955,


Psychology, Department of

Contact: Contact: Lori Kader, 301.405.5866,


Sociology, Department of

Contact: Nicole De Loatch, 301.405.6389,



Business, Robert H. Smith School of

Contact: Terrill Drake, 301.405.9420,



Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, College of

Contact: Lisa Bradley Klemko, 301.405.2080,



Education, College of

Contact: Janis Cornell-DeMoss, 301.405.2364,



Engineering, A. James Clark School of

Contact: Jane Fines, 301.405.3857,



Information Studies, College of

Contact: Jeff Waters, 301.405.2038,



Journalism, Philip Merrill College of

Contact: David Watson, 301.405.2380,



Public Health, School of

Contact: Jaime Oliver, 301.314.0781,



Public Policy, School of

Contact: Jiehong Lou 301.405.8933,



Undergraduate Studies, Office of

Individual Studies

Contact: Lori Praniewicz, 301.314.0023,



Office of Special Events / t: 301.405.4638   /  f: 301.314.2517